Clearly Better Smart Drains & Floors
The Evolution of Clean

SMART DRAIN™ for Kitchens

SMART DRAIN™ for Kitchens combines high strength ultra concentrated grease digesting microbes and odor control agents with our BUG BLOCK to defend against fruit flies in a solid, long-lasting cartridge. 1 click removal of used recyclable cartridge with our Smart Key.
Set it and forget it!

The Evolution of Clean


The SMART FLOORS DAILY CLEANERS™ combine powerful cleaning agents and grease digesting microbes. Maximum traction. One-step, no-rinse formula. Brightens grout and contributes to drain line maintenance.
Mop, Squeegee, Go!


PURE Surface Disinfectant & Sanitizer

For Food Service & High-Touch Surfaces
Disinfectant safe for food contact surfaces. Lasts 24 hours. Kills germs in as few as 30 seconds. Generally Regarded as Safe