Clearly Better Smart Drains & Floors
About Clearly Better SMART DRAINS

About Clearly Better SMART DRAINS

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Patented Smart Drain is one of the new technologies developed by Intercon Chemical which meets its' mission for producing new products that are not only better...but clearly better.

In addition to the Smart Drain for Kitchens and Restrooms the company is marketing:

  • Smart Floor
  • Smart Air for small spaces
    • Great Design, Great Fragrances, Wall Mounted
    • Simple installation and exchange
    • Long lasting fragrances
    • Long lasting battery life up to 1 year
  • Smart Air for Medium and Large Spaces
    • HVAC scent program that delivers odor neutralization and scent through the HVAC system to improve customer environments.  Customers include Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Club Med, Hotels, Retail Shops, Healthcare Providers and Facilities