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Smart Beverage Tray Solution

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Smart Beverage Tray Solution

  • An easy solution to a tough fruit fly problem

  • Eliminates odors caused by bacteria

  • Removes sugars and greases

  • Prevents fruit flies by destroying their food sources

Sugary syrup and alcohol residue in beverage & bar sink drains is a breeding ground for fruit flies and bacteria.  The solution...simply place 1 or 2 Smart Beverage Tray Solution drain maintenance units into the bottom on the far side of the fountain or bar trough sink:

  • Eliminates odors
  • Eliminates sugar/grease/fats/oils and clogged drains

The Bug Block™ eliminates the food source for fruit flies and the Bio Block™ enzymes eliminates odors & clogs.

Do not let the cartridge sit in standing ice or liquid as it will deplete the material. Set the cartridge to the side of the tray.