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Drain Maintenance Product-Smart Drain System For Kitchens

Patented SMART DRAINFor Kitchens and Sinks
No Odors. No Clogs. No Drain Flies.


Smart Drain™ with Bio Block™ and Bug Block™ is ideal for commercial kitchens. Drain treatment time is extended to 60 days with increased bacterial enzyme concentrations in the Smart Drain™ cartridge media.
  • Better odor management.
  • Works 24/7/365 with Bio Block™ and Bug Block™ on floors that get daily wash.
  • Use with Smart Floor™-NFSI Certified High Traction floor cleaner
The Smart Drain cartridge is the only cartridge needed in kitchens, bars and restroom floor drains that get daily wash for No More Clogs, No More Odors, No More Drain Flies.
One cartridge fits all floor drains and lasts up to 60 days.

Drain fly and fruit fly control is a major issue in foodservice, but drain fly defense is built into the Smart Drain™ cartridge with Bug Block™. Smart Drain™- Specifically targets drain flies or sewer flies which are sometimes called moth flies, are common but often overlooked insects associated with moist, highly organic areas such as sink drains and rotten vegetation.When you combine Smart Drain™ with our Smart Floor™ products you get a maximum Drain Maintainer program. Ideal for in ground grease traps and sink grease traps.

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Smart Drain™ has the extra added benefits of reducing your grease trap treatment expenses.  Smart Drain™ combines high strength ultra concentrated grease digesting microbes and odor control agents in a solid, long-lasting cartridge that defends against fruit flies by eliminating their food source.

  • 1 click removal of used recyclable cartridge with our disposable Smart Key.
  • Greatly reduces the need for grease trap cleaning since it completes grease trap maintenance every time you move water through the floor drain. No one wants to budget the time for cleaning grease traps, let Smart Drain™ do it for you!

SMART DRAIN™ For Restrooms is the ideal solution for eliminating drain odors.

7 different drain covers are available: Square 4” (4 3/16"); 5" (4 5/8"); 6 (5 9/16"). Round 4" (4 3/16");  Special Round (4 11/16"); 5” (4 15/16") and 6” (5 3/4") Smart Drain Stainless Steel covers.

Use with the companion SMART FLOOR CLEANER™ for Foodservice for complete drain and floor maintenance with NFSI Certified High Traction. 

Set It and Forget It!


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To Whom It May Concern,

          I am a restaurant owner and I had problems with the floor drains in my restaurant. I had my manager come in every morning to pour bleach and liquid enzymes down the drains to try to solve the problem of bad odors, fruit flies and drain flies.By the afternoon the problems came back. At the time I felt like there was no solution to my problems with the drains. The Clearly Better sales representative came in and I listened to what he had to say about the Smart Drain. I then asked him to install the device throughout the restaurant. After one month of using the device I saw a big improvement with the floor drains. I now do not have bad odors, fruit flies or drain flies and my drains are not clogging up because of the drain cleaner enzyme. The beauty of using this product is I did not have to get the grease trap pumped out after 60 days of using the device. I then approached my rep to put his device in all of my restaurants that I own. I would not use anything else in the floor drains except for the Smart Drain Device as my floor drain cleaner and grease trap maintenance.

Mark Mangrum, Owner  919-369-0058

Golden Corral, Mr. Scott Tunnel, Owner

6855 Gall Blvd, Zephyrhills, FL 33542. 813-783-8969

To Whom It May Concern,

My Clearly Better representative called me about 4 months ago; he asked me if I was having problems with my drains. I stated yes I was. He then told me about the new Smart Drain and what it does. I was having problems with foul odors, fruit flies & clogged drains. I asked him to send me some samples so that I can fix the problems with the drains. When I received the samples about 3 months ago, I installed them in the drains. I now have no problems with foul odors, fruit flies nor clogged drains. Since I have installed the smart drain I did not have to get my grease trap pumped out as often. I would not use anything else in the drains except for the new smart drain.  


Scott Tunnel